Vote for the Best Dressed School Girl

Who’s at the top of the class. Click the photo to  vote.


Contestant 1: Lawayne Simpson of Holy Childhood High

Contestant 2: Sandra Brown of Excelsior High

Contestant 3: Simone Tugwell of St. Andrew Technical High

Contestant 4: Petrona Miller of Manchester High School

Contestant 5: Yanique Levy of deCarteret College

Contestant 6: Donna Fuller-Henry of Kingston Technical High

Contestant 7: Kemolyn Frost of St. Mary High

Contestant 8: Lashawn Campbell of Mona High

Contestant 9: Avery Nelson of St. George’s College … for Girls

Contestant 10: Sonya Dawkins of Camperdown High

Contestant 11:

Contestant 12: Tanika Williams of Mt. Alvernia High

Contestant 13: Jody-Ann Beckford of Herbert Morrison Technical High

Contestant 14: Odecia Ewart of Black River High

Contestant 15: Candice James of Manning’s School

Contestant 16: Shereen Hibbert of Manning’s School

Contestant 17: Remona DaCosta of St. Mary High

Contestant 18: Sherene Fletcher of St. Catherine High

Contestant 19: Michelle McIntosh of St. Andrew High School for Girls

Contestant 20: Nelsa Wilks of Ardenne High

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