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Jamaica Fire Brigade’s Fire and Life Safety Awareness Week 2019

The Jamaica Fire Brigade’s (JFB) Fire and Life Safety Awareness Week 2019 commenced on Sunday 27th October, 2019 under the theme:. “MekWi Fix It…Community First!”

JFB’s annual Fire and Life Safety Awareness Weekseeks to raise the level of fire and life safety awareness of the general public. As such, activities scheduled for October 27 –November 2, 2019, include radio interviews, community fire drills and training, accident and fire simulation exercises, booths displayed and ‘Pon di Kawna’ invasions; all designed to equip Jamaicans with lifesaving technique skills to apply in case of fires.

See below tips on fire safety:

  • Talk with all family members or members of the home or office about a fire escape plan
  • Practice fire drills and rehearse the escape plan twice a year
  • If a fire occurs in your home or office, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL FOR HELP. Never go back inside for anything or anyone.

See link for schedule.

Fire and Life Safety Awareness Week Activities 2019

Manning’s Annual Music Festival

“Riding Out the Tide through Music” a theme fit to describe the day’s event. From dancers to instrumentals to awesome melodies, Manning’s Annual Music Festival patrons and residents alike showed they knew how to ride the tide. The fantastic musicians controlled the atmosphere and striked notes that demanded an equal musical response. Refreshments and lunch completed the day. A day full of fun.
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