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CPFSA Branded Shirts

Avery Nelson, Information Officer, is in the process of taking orders for persons who are interested in acquiring branded shirts. Please be reminded that ordering will only be done in the months of January and June.

For persons who would like to order, please note the following:

1. There are three(3) types of shirt (inclusive of logo placement – either full white, full black or full colour):

  • Zipper Jersey-$1425 (female) & $1450 (male)
  • Button Jersey-$1275 (female) & $1295 (male)
  • Oxford/Duraplus (long sleeve & short sleeve):

$1695 (female, short sleeve)

$1775 (female, long sleeve)

$1795 male, short sleeve)

$1895 (male, long sleeve)

You may also provide your own clothing for it to be branded (shirt, jacket, scarf, or dress). This is at a cost of $300.00 which is to be paid at the FMAS cashier and the receipt given to Avery Nelson.

3. All shirts being ordered (unless it is your first shirt which is complimentary) must be paid for at the FMAS cashier before they will be submitted in our order spreadsheet. The receipt received from FMAS along with a copy of the shirt order invoice is to be submitted to Avery Nelson.

4. When placing orders ensure that at least three (3) colours are selected for each shirt.

5. All persons ordering (whether paid or complimentary) are required to fill out the shirt order invoice. Please ensure that your size, contact number and location included.

Below are the following, attached to assist with placement of your order:

  • Shirt Order Invoice
  • Oxford Shirt (Duraplus) colours
  • Zipper Jersey colours
  • Mesh Polo colours

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact her at or ext. 229 or 876-967-1614/876-558-5021

Oxford Shirt Colours

Mesh Polo Colours


Shirt Order Invoice


Making 2021 a year to remember!

Since 2019, there has been a global pandemic threatening the human species.   There are a few things you can try at the beginning of this year to make it a bit easier to cope.

 Plan some fun.

This year, you should consider adapting a new hobby or hobbies, a new good habit ( like meditation and yoga or photography or exercise routine) or all of the above, if it suits you. Plan virtual trips and experiences via Virtual Reality gadgets or smart-phones. This may be the way to go until we are out of the woods of COVID-19. Most of all, seek to engage close family members in your play and personal adventures. It will prove beneficial to you and those around you.

I wish blessings in place of sorrow for you. Have a wonderful 2021