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Affordable Excel Training


Are you interested in improving your proficiency with Microsoft Excel? If so this is a great opportunity for you to do so at an affordable cost of US$52 JMD $3,031 from THE LONDON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.

Limited time available only two more days but course can be redeemed over 6 months and is not transferable.

London Business Institute offers this Excel training, designed by a Stanford University graduate, which will provide you with the precise skills you need today, learning step by step how to approach the program:

  • It has 323 video lessons with practical exercises that cover almost all aspects of Microsoft Excel skills, such as: backstage management, document presentation, basic fundamentals, inserting objects, Excel options, data management, data review, book views and configuration, macro development and construction, use of Excel formulas and many more.
  • Suitable for all Microsoft Excel users, from beginners to professional accountants.
  • You will use teaching materials created by professionals, licensed accountants, graduates of Stanford University (one of the top 5 universities in the world).
  • The course is based on a patented learning management system (LMS) that uses neuroscientific teaching methodologies. In this method you will learn through real-world practice and immersion with corporate examples of how to use Microsoft Excel functions.
  • Platform compatible with iPad or any mobile phone.
  • You will obtain a Certificate of Competence from the London Business Institute at the end of the course; recognized by many international corporations including: IBM, Nestlé, Philips, Chase Bank, Volkswagen, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, ING, Coca-Cola, DHL, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and many others.
  • Course available in three languages: English, German or Spanish.

Click this link if your interested:


Wall of Love, Muirton

Dear colleagues, 

Yesterday a small group of us gathered at the Muirton RCCF in gorgeous Manchioneal, Portland to take part in a ceremony of gigantic proportions –

The Wall of Love.

In this second installment of the therapeutic exercise, boys (and staff!) destroyed the old hateful words that had encumbered them and together created a monument to loving words that build, not destroy. See below for some pictorial highlights and look out for more on social media.

I want to thank all who participated, including:
– the Muirton Boys, who were on their best behaviour :-);

– Mrs. Walker, and the team at Muirton, who worked tirelessly on the ground to make this day happen

– those CPFSA regional team members who traveled from across the 3 parishes to join the celebration and who helped in various ways to make it happen, including Actg Regional Director, Mrs. Corrodus, Team Leader, Mrs. Hood, Children’s Officer, Ms. Wallace, Monitoring officer, Mrs Roache-Campbell;

– the FMAS team, who worked with us (and will continue to work with us :-)) to make the funding possible;

– Ms. Dixon, PR officer, who arranged for media coverage (look for the Wall of Love in the media soon!);

– Miss Budhi, our illustrious supervisor and her assistant Mrs Rose who made sure critical elements were in place for accommodations and funding, among other things;

– and last, but not least, members of the Psychology Unit – those who trekked from the far-flung corners of the island to execute this event, (Mrs. Feare-Sterling, Ms Smith, Ms Tomlinson), and those who worked on the project even though they couldn’t be there (Ms Mcpherson) and Mr. Crooks, MMHU driver.

Special thanks to Team Leader Ms Forbes whose continual support was invaluable in moving this event from conception to completion.

Let me also pause to say thanks to the team at the Portland office (including Miss Barton and Miss Wallace) who went beyond the call of duty to assist with this occasion.

And to anyone else whom I haven’t mentioned specifically – Thank you for your help!


Melody Samuels.