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Vote for the Best Dressed School Girl

Who’s at the top of the class. Click the photo to  vote.


Contestant 1: Lawayne Simpson of Holy Childhood High

Contestant 2: Sandra Brown of Excelsior High

Contestant 3: Simone Tugwell of St. Andrew Technical High

Contestant 4: Petrona Miller of Manchester High School

Contestant 5: Yanique Levy of deCarteret College

Contestant 6: Donna Fuller-Henry of Kingston Technical High

Contestant 7: Kemolyn Frost of St. Mary High

Contestant 8: Lashawn Campbell of Mona High

Contestant 9: Avery Nelson of St. George’s College … for Girls

Contestant 10: Sonya Dawkins of Camperdown High

Contestant 11:

Contestant 12: Tanika Williams of Mt. Alvernia High

Contestant 13: Jody-Ann Beckford of Herbert Morrison Technical High

Contestant 14: Odecia Ewart of Black River High

Contestant 15: Candice James of Manning’s School

Contestant 16: Shereen Hibbert of Manning’s School

Contestant 17: Remona DaCosta of St. Mary High

Contestant 18: Sherene Fletcher of St. Catherine High

Contestant 19: Michelle McIntosh of St. Andrew High School for Girls

Contestant 20: Nelsa Wilks of Ardenne High

National Environmental Awareness Week 2019


National Environmental Awareness Week will be observed during June 2–8, 2019 under the theme: “A better Environment = a better life: do the right thing.” 

This is a call to action for Jamaicans to take action to improve the nation’s environmental conditions. As such, the primary objective of the week is to focus public attention on national and global environmental issues in order to increase awareness and stimulate action at the local level.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), in its capacity as the national focal point for environmental management in Jamaica, is coordinating the week of activities. See below: