Devotional – God’s Coworkers: Health and Healing

God’s Coworkers: Health and Healing

  MATTHEW 10:1-8

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.

—  Matthew 10:8

This must have been quite the mission for Jesus’ disciples! Jesus sent his twelve closest followers into the towns of Judea to announce the good news that God’s kingdom was near.  They were also to show what life in God’s kingdom looked like by bringing healing. As followers of Christ, they were to show how the gospel reverses the social, psychological, spiritual, and physical effects of sin in our world.

I recently visited a member of my church who was nearing the end of her earthly life. As I visited, nurses came and went, doctors consulted with the family, aides made sure she was comfortable. As I sat with her, I reflected on how Christians who work in healing professions have a unique perspective on their labor. Christians ­approach their work as co-laborers with God. Christian doctors, therapists, and hospice workers know that God uses them to help bring healing into this broken world.

When people are ill, have surgery, or need to manage medication, we often pray for them. Sometimes God intervenes with amazing healing, as in biblical times, but most often God uses the many men and ­women who work with him to bring health and healing.

Lord Jesus, lead us to serve you as agents of health and healing in this world. Thank you for all who serve you by bringing healing today. Help each of us to radiate the healing power of the gospel in our daily lives. Amen.